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Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm EST
later he was elected south africa's first president. let's examine the man behind the status. our first guest had a strong connection. his grandfather taught mandela and his grandmother visited the south african leader in prison. it's a pleasure to have you here. i know you are the headmaster of the groten school. i'm glad you took time on what must be a hard day, given the family connections you had and you know him yourself. >> thank you for having me, i'm honoured to be here and i thank groten school for allowing me to be here. the man would have loved that. >> tell me about your family and connections to nelson mandela. >> my grandfather taught nelson mandela in college in social anthropology. they belonged to the anc, the same organization. my grandmother was also a political leader within the anc. >> and your grandmother then also was close to him and visited him in prison, and nelson mandela wrote her. >> several times, and my grandmother would write back. she told me she wrote so many letters, some of which never reached him. a few made it all the way and she put them into a boo
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
the cat's got their tongue. or is it the calendar. with elections coming next year and those on the right with any iq have noticed the one time the democrats saw their numbers go skyward was when the republicans played stupid party and turned themselves into the anyone couple pops of the potomac and shut done the government. tonight we look at this strange new world, scared to death at the second there's talk of closing it the democrats will open up another big lead in public confidence. who would have believed it would only take a month to teach the tea party that no government is bad politics. david corn for mother jones and howard fineman for "the huffington post" both msnbc political analysts. i know there are still questions about febds. but this week when it looks like they might have a budget deal and january when the continuing resolution comes up for continuing, it looks like they've decided not to go all-out crazy again. is this pure politics or grownup behavior or a mix? >> well, don't count your non-shutdowns before they happen. because there are 20 or so house g g g gop'ers.
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
activism began in college. he was elected to the student council, but stepped down and joined a boycott over conditions at the school. he moved to johannesburg, studied law and joined the african national congress, a political and religious movement fighting segregation. it grew sharper when south africa elected a white government passing laws taking racism to the extreme. the resettlement of 3 million, deprives the right to vote and travel. stripping them of citizenship. nelson mandela was 30. he was convinced peaceful demonstrations would never be enough. he helped to form and one an amped guerilla movement. a campaign of bombings and sabotage in the '60s led to his arrest and prosecution along with others in the movement. convicted but spared a death sentence, nelson mandela would spend a quarter of a century, 27 years behind prison walls, 18 of them at the notorious robin island. outside the fight grew more fears. aggression and violence focussed the attention of the world on racism. nelson mandela became the most famous prisoner in the world. the powerful international condemnation
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am EST
may be tricky, but again the ultimate check on presidential law is elections and in extreme cases engagement, but elections by really should be a check on -- >> so when the irs prevents the word from getting out they infect thwarinfact thwart the e, therefore, elections are no longer the final answer, are they? >> to the extent that the irs targeting is an example of discriminatory enforcement, you're quite right. it's actually the most corrosive form of -- it does cast on everything that follows. it cast doubt on elections that followed. you're quite right. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> the gentleman from georgia mr. johnson, is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. for holding this very important and significant hearing today. get my notes squared away. this hearing is pure political theater. it's a comedy but the audience has seen it so many times now that it's no longer funny. in fact, this hearing is an egregious waste of this committee's time. especially when one considers all of the legislation that remains unaddressed by the house, like immigration refo
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am EST
of everything. it is a different philosophy than a republican would have. that if romney were elected, we would be coming out of this by now. with all this government regulation and the government goes -- the government knows best and comes first, as sky has never worked hard. arrogant,most polarizing, racist president we have ever had. the only people making excuses for him are the morally weak and politically correct liberal white apologists and the plaque -- and the black racists in the name of political correctness. everyone else is realistic enough to see the frog has dissipated and this guy is a total fraud. he will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever had. he does not care about the pain the americans are going through. >> joe from new york, good morning. caller: good morning. thank he was right 10 years ago when he said increasing domestic oil wouldtion in north dakota stimulate and create jobs. i remember senator kerry was opposed to that. now it and it up being right because every million barrels we produce here, we generate $60 billion per year in reve
Dec 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
would wish that the president could do more to elect politicians that would actually do something on behalf of the 99%. he doesn't have that power. so i thinkit smart politics for him to raise a ruckus over this. the other side of the aisle has no interest in helping working class people whatsoever. we are living in the matrix. and instead of being a battery, they want to turn you into an overdrawn checking account. what it really comes down to, these are the real problems people care about. working class people don't care about the deficit, they don't care about ending abortion. they need a paycheck so they can support their family. and to listen to republican politicians and the talking heads at fox news bad mouth working class people, come on. we already know that the republican party is the party of mitt romney. could care less about anybody less than $250,000. for the president to come out and make this speech is extremely wise politics, because it's what people care about and that's how you win elections. >> he's got to stay on it. the democrats have got to stay on it. i thi
Dec 3, 2013 12:00am EST
to have the mandate of a popular election as the only appointed president, almost a president with an asterisk next to his name. >> she may have supported his bid for the white house but when they first met she didn't know she was getting a politician. is that true? >> that's what she says. it's hard for me to believe she was totally naive. jerry ford was the big man on campus. the local hero from high school days playing football. it's not terribly surprising he should decide to go into public life. but there is no doubt she was surprised. they were married in october 1948. >> and on twitter did the ford's schedule their wedding for october 15 after the republican congressional primary and why? >> the simple answer is yes. have you to know west michigan to appreciate. west michigan more than now was a very culturally conservative place. a place where the dutch reform church held sway. a ford who was certainly conservative ff nevertheless was running against an entrenched republican encome bent who opposed the mar alcohol plan. he was one of those returning veterans who had s
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
is as calling for prime minister yang election a lot to step down in our streets and to the grounds of government house and other fortified compounds pace as he gets it and posted bond is bound to fight to the charity said and how small. protesters seeking hands including police hancock has changed. on tuesday after days of violent groups as policemen demonstrators bring down barricades the protected government offices. this new strategy tuesdays and the king's birthday celebrations. still opposition activists were to topple the cabinet. the state is controlled by former ousted prime minister. and since no one. i know it's not over. this is the start of the new politics. we need to refund all politics and other agencies such as the police it might be that we need to change all of them so the country will benefit from the revolution of the people while anti tax and protesters plan the next phase of the return to topple the elected government parents and sister the current prime minister called for dialogue. all i would like to avoid academics businessmen and groups from all walks of
Dec 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
? >> yeah, and certainly that's always been quite difficult. i would say in the recent election in the governor's race in virginia, you did see turnout that didn't appreciably drop in terms of the percentage of the electorate that was made up by certain segments of that population that you would normally see in a non-presidential election. so i definitely think there is some hope for that and there's certainly some evidence for that. it's clear that that is going to have to happen in order to see change in a government that might well be determined because of redistricting and the real estate of the political environment as much as anything else. >> yeah. david corn, he was very careful to say the people that don't necessarily show up meaning minorities and young people. there he was talking to a young people's crowd to project to a larger number of people using that audience. did you hear -- because the only implication could be. or he still hopes to get a governoring majority in both houses where he's able to get things done. like immigration, like a lot of things in implement
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
couple elections. that's all we have to do. but there might be a smaller break out of republicans who say, you know what? i've got a responsibility to my constituents at home to make this thing better. it's going to be here. it's going to be here as long as we live. it'll be here forever, perhaps. but i'm going to make it better. there's a couple tweaks i know about. maybe i heard it from jack cason or someone i look more positively toward on the republican side. >> you're hearing some people speak in those terms, chris. let's face it. it's still a fact that obama and obama care are the two words that really unify republicans across their factional lines and they're not going to give up on it very quickly. and the minute they come up with a positive suggestion of which there are several floating around paul ryan and others have had a free market oriented alternatives. but they are not popular. even among republicans. they can't build a consensus around them. we debated proposals during the last presidential election, you'll remember. no voucherizing medicare, selling insurance across stat
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am EST
and iran. it is titled -- there is this story from "the weekly standard" focusing on the midterm elections -- next is james joining us this morning from valley village, california. i don't really consider myself an independent or republican or democrat. i see myself as a humanitarian. being that i dedicated my life to traveling the world, i don't see where any types of war or weapons is the solution to anything. next is kathleen from texas. caller: good morning. i am a military mother. quit the military. he trains people for three times what he makes as a private contractor. america is in decline because we have outsourced our wealth. 40% of americans make under 20,000 a year. torture and not outsourced every, -- and outsource slavery. more americans than al qaeda on 9/11 and 10 times the amount of iraq ease and saddam, and he gets a library. that is why america is a joke. i love you, steve. host: kathleen from texas. continue our feature, first ladies, influence and image. you can watch the program every monday beginning at 9:00 eastern time here on c-span. all of the programs from martha
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am PST
. you have got to be careful what you say when you are in an election. when you say it's going to be the most transparent administration in history you will be held to that standard. >> what about calling the president a liar. is that okay? i think so. i know bob you don't like it. i'm wondering what bob had for breakfast because i'm nodding my head. i think there is a high bar set by the president. when i worked in washington, d.c., we figured out every way to call our opponent anything but a liar. however, during this last presidential election president obama actually used the term and their staff did on his campaign. it shocked a lot of people that they went there first. now that that bar has been lowered and they are calling each other a liar, i do think it's fair. and either they are grossly incompetent or they are deceitful. either way the credibility has been lost. a lot of people gave him goodwill when oh came in to do obamacare. this touches him personally. >> you are touching on something that's important here. it's the way this president came into the white house an
Dec 2, 2013 10:00pm EST
of congratulations that had been sent to president-elect carter. at the same time, you know, she wouldn't miss life in politics. he had promised her long before watergate that they were going to retire in 1976. once he concluded he would not be speaker of the house, she had exacted a promise that after 1976, they would leave washington, go back to grand rapids, practice law, had no money, make a little bit of money for the kids and so on, and intervening events played havoc with that, but they left washington to go to another destination. >> host: we talked about the struggles with alcohol when he was in the house of representatives. here's what she wrote about this in the white house years. the next problem got worse and my pills were always with me. still, i didn't not drink alcoholically in the white house. there was too much at stake. what little drinking we did was confined to camp david on a weekend or drinks upstairs before we went to bed. now she said the pills were always with me. how big a problem was this for her in her white house years? >> guest: you know, i don't know how to answer th
Dec 2, 2013 6:00am PST
know what it will look like in louisiana and arkansas. it's lower than that. it's mid-term elections that are referendum on the president. much more so than individual members. we look at folks like mary landrieu and say these are good candidates and run strong campaigns, but at the same time the drag from the top of the ticket will be a serious issue for them. they have to figure out how to do that balancing act. he is not going to be the last issue they will have to figure out. that for the big picture will be where the president is. he is at 41% into november of 2014. even if you are running a great campaign, it may be too much. >> hagan, landrieu without obama in 08, none of them are in the senate. pryor is a different story. the obama enthusiasm didn't get there in 2008. if they jump ship from the obama coat tails, they grabbed on to them to win elections. >> they led the demographics of the president's supporters without the baggage. >> very quigley the primary challenges. are we surprised that more hasn't popped up. he ducked a challenge although anything is possible. >> some
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm EST
and people are still not buying it. >> the president ran the election. million people showed up on the website yesterday. guess what, 380,000 showed up before noon today. >> republicans insist it is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this bill is fundamentally flawed. it is causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan. and if that is not enough they're having to pay much higher prices at the same time. >> noting there is not a lot of air cover for the president from congressional democrats who did not have a lot of news conferences to back him up. perhaps nervous politically about touting this health care law, but a white house official just told me it is the first day of a 3-week campaign and they're confident the president will have the support in the end. lou: thank you very much. despite the president's defiance, millions of americans face a fast approaching deadline to avoid a gap in health care coverage. over 5 million individual plans have already been canceled. most with policies that expire at the end of the month and with an ob
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
, the anniversary of those first democratic elections is next year, it was 20 years ago. so a lot of people, a lot of these people here didn't know apartheid, didn't know about the feel, the indignities of it, but they still know that nelson mandela made sacrifices for them. and the key is -- and he was very, very passionate about it -- he wanted his legacy to live on way after he had gone. and dethat he did that, "you ca like me in a small way. it's not hard to be nelson mandela. just pay attention to the people close to you and keep on trying hard and never give up." that in a way is his legacy. >> and they are living his legacy out. robin, thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: okay. >>> one of the icons of new york honored nelson mandela last night. look at this. the top of the empire state building -- >> right. >> -- lit up green, yellow, blue, red, the color of the south african flag, and nearby at the south african consulate -- >> there it is. >> -- there it is, mourners laid the flowers and tributes to man tell la. >> beautiful sight. >>> all right. still to come -- huge day in college foo
Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
're acting the website literally can last for another year. because there is not an election for another year. how is that possible, they think that can keep going? >> i don't know. i mean, the problem for them is that obama care is their plan. and that's why they don't have anything to say. and they had to focus on the website. so i think the media and republicans were behind the narrative. you know, this shutdown affected the website coverage. and then the website was getting fixed and we were still talking about the website as if it was broken. and i think that the bottom line here is that once you sign up for insurance, you're not thinking about a website. on january 1st, when i go to the doctor, i'm not going to be thinking about the website. and nobody is going to ask me about the website. how long did it take you to sign up? nobody is going to be asking that. when you go to get your prescription and no co-pay for preventive care for women, you're not going to be thinking about the website. >> i think about the history books in 2040, are they going to be reading about health care or a w
Dec 3, 2013 1:00am PST
. you talk about reaching policy makers and politician and elected officials, how do we reach them? you can be the best lawyer in the world, but if you don't have an investigator and you don't have the resources you are not going to be able to do a competent job. i understand that we can train individual defenders to be better defenders but how do we get those resources? >> how do we get the resources? there is not one answer to this question. i absolutely agree with karen and don that these stories move people and we have to use these stories in books and movies to get legislators who are human beings to recognize that there is a real injustice out there. i think we need to push for more funds and more resources. i think all of that is really important. the piece we bring to it is in the meantime our lawyers represent 300 people a year. the most common call i get from a lawyer, they say, i understand what my clients deserve and i can't give it to them and i think i need to quit. i i can't do what you all do. i tell them about a book i read called freedom summer about the summer projec
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
election wasn't enough. >> translator: dissolving parliament doesn't matter. we have come here because we want to restore the monarchy and the nation. dissolving parliament won't solve the country's problems. >> the protestors are backed by the opposition democrat party which has failed to win the last five elections. a trend that's likely to continue in the next vote. now, the people here say they want to eradicate the so-called regime of thaksin shinawatra, the former prime minister accused of abusing his power. the prime minister at the time that they were trying to force out was watsuwat can brother-in-law of thaksin shinn watt. he delivered another fiery speech in front of tens of thousands of supporters. and repeated his call for a reform committee to rub the country. >> this means that from now on, the people will appoint a people's prime minister and a people's government. from now on we'll have the people's council having the legislating, no longer the government which is no longer the in power. >> the interim government is in power and the protestors seem like they're settling i
FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 10:00am PST
this week. a number of the elected members said because of current legal precedent they don't have standing. they don't have a way as a plaintiff to go to court and say they want to sue the executive court over these issues. senator bayh, you talked about something during this hearing, which is why the regulatory branchs and jonathan turley, said it's also like the rise of the fourth branch that the founders never intended but the federal agency have so much power to carry out in tandem with the executive branch things that the president would like to get done and there's no check on them. >> shannon, that's exactly right. any president that is going to use that regulatory power to the maximum extent they can otherwise their election has not meant anything. so let's take the dodd/frank bill, regulating the financial services or, as jon mentioned, obama care. those laws were probably 10% prescripted by congress, you will do this and you won't do that and that, by definition, is congress handing over the regulatory authorities, vast maneuver and we're seeing it used very aggressively right no
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> there is no doubt the system continues to be enher rently flawed and corrupt. elected politicians receiving company contribution, sitting across the table negotiating for higher pension benefits. that's just an inherent conflict that ought to be avoided. it hasn't been for generations in every state. >> the league is making promises they can't keep. >> we are negotiating with ourselves. the job with the union is to get as much. the george bush on the other side as a politician is to do the best in the city. >> the new york commuter line where four people were killed in a train wreck over the weekend should be getting back to normal. union representatives, the train's eng 94, william rockefeller says he nodded off while driving. when he came to, he shut down the throttle and tried an emergency braking tech neevenlth the drowsy feeling we sometimes get staring at divider lines when driving. nbc's tom costello has more. >> a train wreck, five cars on its side. >> reporter: as they released recordings of the transmission, engineer william rockefeller was described by his union as distraught. after year
Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
petitioned the court for this recount. the commonwealth in the history of close elections, that was the closest statewide election in virginia history. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. >>> weather wise, it's pretty mild here in our neck of the woods. but a wicked winter storm is enveloping a big part of the country bringing dangerous snows and deadly temperatures. at least six deaths are already blamed on the deadly blast. leanne gregg is in denver with a look at how folks are coping. >> reporter: in colorado, road crews working around the clock are trying to keep pace with falling snow and icy conditions. some mountain areas are bracing for up to two feet of snow. in denver lows below zero are expected for several days. more snow near duluth, minnesota, up to a foot today, on top of 26 inches yesterday. by friday, temperature this is the region could drop to more than 20 below. >> stay indoors a lot more. i don't like 30 below weather. nobody does. just part of what happens. >> it's going to be a white christmas. and it's nice and cold. >> slick road causing danger
Dec 2, 2013 9:00am PST
gop isn't exactly wing hearts and minds. >> the election is like which party will commit suicide last. the republicans messed up with the government shutdown, now the obama website. the concern next we'll see. >> joining me political writer, "daily beast" columnist sally cohn and contributor editor wallace walls. from washington, no longer in auburn gear although i expect his team spirit is soaring former white house secretary and founding partner of the insight agency robert gibbs. robert, i'll start with you. i will use football metaphors for fans at home and fans on set. is the white house -- is are we seeing end to end a la auburn last night? is this a major play we're seeing on december 1st or are we in the middle of the field right now? >> i think the obama administration should be glad it appears to be first and ten again. it's no longer third and 35. we're a long way from 109 yard field goal return. look, i think you summed it up quite well. the users experience on the front end is greatly enhanced for most people that are using it. i never get tired of watching
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am EST
at sequester and what it is doing to the country. i will leave it at that. the 2014 elections are a highlight of "the wall street journal" this morning. michelle is from chicago on the oppose line. good morning. i am opposed to the drones. chicago and ie in am always worried about terror attacks and we are on high alert , i live in an area where summary foreclosures and empty homes. we just had to merge schools and you have money for drones? i don't understand things like that. i don't understand how they have closed so many mental facilities here. we have these people walking in our neighborhood and we are afraid. we have so many people out of work and this would just take more jobs from our countrymen. i don't agree, i don't understand it, and i don't understand how -- no one has even heard of this. i am very concerned. in "the wall street journal close quote there is a story about the changes in the inner circle of president obama. several allies of the white house, kevin from louisiana on hours port line. i am actually for the drones for one big reason. we used to be the king of technolog
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
an exploratory committee. he is formerly a republican. in the november general election he's running against whoever wins the democratic and the republican primary. >>> part of the minimum wage hike passed by the d.c. council yesterday would expand the number of people getting sick leave in the city. it expands the 2008 bill to include people who work for tips. the council is set for a vinyl vote on -- final vote on the measure in the next few weeks. >>> a checkup now on the affordable care act. the white house says nearly 30,000 people signed up for health insurance coverage on over just the first two days of december as the website was relaunched. and that 30,000 surpasses signups during the entire month of october. but getting young people to sign up and healthy people to sign up is the key. the premiums that young healthy people pay help to bring down the cost for the sick and the elderly. at a white house youth summit, president obama encouraged the young people there to spread the word. >> for your friends and your family, the most important source of information is not
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
your plans for covering the upcoming congressional election and beyond that the presidential election. >> i think we want to rates a lot of news and tell entertainment stories i think there is a incremental political scoop that now it's just a tweet. it was something that was never that interesting and basically contained 142 characters that someone's press secretary put which are super fun to do if your covering it campaign and maybe just publishing things on twitter and writing the story is going to absorb more of the small increment which is great because it's a waste of time to write those stories. you feel like you are stretching to fill 400 words but i don't know. basically you want to do really like deep reporting and those are the things. and also we want to do fun and entertaining stuff about these guys. politics has always been both about policy and power but also gossip and personality and if you ever talked any of these politicians, that's what they want to talk about. it's all kind of rolled up together so we kind of have to do all of that. yeah, so that's all i've got. t
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
a core constituency that got him elected, that 19-24-year-old, a 41% approval rating. most concerning for the affordable care act is the poll asked young people will they enroll in the affordable care act. this group of young invincibles is key to have their involvement to make it work. 47% of the millennials 18-29 said they will not enrol. 57% it's approved. greater than the national average among the entire population. >> mike viqueira at the white house. >>> to illustrate the gap the highest 1% saw income rise an average of 31%. for everybody else it was less than one half of a per cent. let's bring in paolo romanacci, a married father of two who created the blog welcome, it's good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what does middle class hell mean to you - not the blog, the term? >> it means that we are stuck in a position where we cannot advance economically, socially - that this - that the deck is stacked against us and we have little chance of breaking out of the dilemma that we are in >> this has been coming on for a while. how many years has it gone
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 2:00am PST
president himself after south africa first all race election. >> i have fought against white domination. i have fought very firmly against the nation where all south africans are equal. >> nelson mandela served one five year term but remained perhaps the most influential figure in south african politics. loved for what he went through the dignity he displayed and the change he brought about. for him mandela gave all of the credit to his fellow citizens. >> it is you the people. >> now a nation says a final farewell to the man who perhaps more than any other public figure of the past 50 years defines that word hero. >> jonathan hunt reporting for us. coming up at 5:30 we are live with reaction to nelson mande mandela's death from all around the world. >>> another fox news alert this morning. an amber alert and frantic search for a 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped in washington state. eliz was last seen on wednesday. police believe she was taken against her will by this man 19-year-old eduardo flores rose less. the two had been dating. it shows romaro getting in his car after school. she p
FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 3:00am PST
when he was elected, brought na office. charlie rangel thought he would have access to the white house as chairman of the house ways and means committee. he didn't get access. >> and who did? >> al sharpton. that's who they went with for their community outreach. they went with al sharpton over charlie rangel. charlie rangel has been pretty honest about the failures of obama care. the real difference is style. charlie rangel likes other people. he is a warm person. spend an afternoon with charlie rangel. he exsuds an affection for other human beings. that is wholly absent from president obama. name five people close to him? they don't exist. you can name 500 for charlie rangel. >> remember the picture of him on the beach in the dominican republic. he evaded taxes on the cottage. the president didn't take to his side and also you remember the $30,000 plate funt raising event that went on in harlem, which is the district of charlie rangel. he wasn't invited. >> but you can have a conversation with charlie rangel. charlie rangel is a politician. he understands compromise. two people comin
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
pay for more their elect rit bills. and good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >>> 20 children murdered almost one year ago in connecticut. tonight the 911 calls for the sandy hook elementary school shooting were released despite a long court battle. parents of the young victims did not want the calls released. nbc news has decided not to air those recordings. jay gray joins us live from new york with more on what we learned from listening to the 911 calls. jay? >> good evening. the tapes are chilling. a 911 dispatcher urging teachers to lock their doors, protect and keep them calm. instructing another faculty member to keep pressure on a gunshot wound. still many say those accounts should have never been made public. it is a day the survivors and families of victims from the sandy hook massacre have been dreading. the release of 911 calls from that day. a painful reminder of the and heart
Dec 2, 2013 12:30am EST
after the election, it will detonate a sub-prime debt crisis of his making? >> the greatest danger in terms of interest rates would be to have a government who believed in more borrowing, more spending, and more taxing. that is what would drive up interest rates, that is what would hit the cost of living and that is what every family in this country should dread. >> order. >> you're been watching prime minister's questions. question time airs on c-span2 every wednesday. again on sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can watch anytime at c- >> a conversation with supreme court justice elena kagan about the inner workings of the supreme court. after that, a discussion of the constitution and the rule of justice with supreme court justice clarence thomas. then, the future of the republican party is seen by strategist anna navarro. >> next, supreme court justice elena kagan discussing the working of the u.s. supreme court at the university of alabama law school. >> i'm having to get used to that title. we appreciate your service in this role. i join inand welcoming
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 6:00am EST
should change. one thing we really need to note is the ruing party was democratically elected and say the protesters that it was fraudulent but still to this day and now with the people on the streets of bangkok the ruling party has most favor and most ties behind them. because you see these tens of thousands of people on the streets of bangkok and what they do is that perception but if there were an election again tomorrow the same party would be ruling the country. >> same party in power and scott is live in bangkok and thanks for being with us this morning. coming up, how many shopping in your slippers? millions of americans are gearing up for cyber monday and plus dealing with diabetes a small country where one in four people have the disease. exploring an under ground treasure in italy, a water supply system created almost 2000 years ago. ♪ power of the people until we restore our freedo ♪ despite deep discounts and longer store hours, holiday shopping slumped during thanksgiving weekend. the decline is the first since the recession in 2009. spending in stores and online fell
Dec 8, 2013 3:10pm EST
as a potential candidate in the next presidential election, though he himself has not made any formal announcement. event is part of c-span's road to the white house 2016 coverage. [applause] >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. on this nice, brisk detroit michigan day. introduce dr. to rand paul, the junior senator from kentucky. he was elected in 2010 and certainly has made his mark in a very short time. he has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. and a warrior against government overreach. among his first legislative proposals, cutting a $500 billion federal spending proposal and a plan to balance the federal budget in just five years. he has since introduced several bills with growing support. in the senate, he serves on the foreign relations committee. education, labor and pension, homeland security, and government affairs and the small business community. a graduate of the duke university school of medicine, he was a practicing ophthalmologist in bowling green, kentucky, for 17 years. 1995, he founded the southern kentuck
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am EST
to get any agreement on those areas. particularly in election year. the house is expected to adjourn for the year on friday and the senate shortly after. a lot of high-profile legislation still hanging in the balance. it is the list of what is likely to make it through the 113th congress. i think the only thing that is likely to get through is the defense authorization act. will see what gets included. one thing we will be watching is to see whether any legislation sanctioning iran is added to that bill. the administration is doing everything it can to prevent congress from doing that but a lot of members are still interested in adding sanctions to iran. another thing to watch for is the farm bill. if they cannot get a deal they are going to have to extend existing -- finally the senate are here for and asked her week. they will look at a lot of nominations, particularly after the filibuster changes republicans ran through a couple of weeks ago. among the big nominees are the new chairwoman of the federal reserve, jackie ellen. -- a number of articles suggest this is the most unprodu
Dec 8, 2013 6:00am EST
election papers. he is still under investigation, something sherwood equated to a wet mattress hanging over his campaign. how tough would it be for the mayor to run with a wet mattress hanging over his head? >> it won't be easy, there's no question about that. the reality is that many of the people who are convinced that the 2010 campaign was corrupt have already decided that they're not going to be able to support mayor gray. so to my way of thinking, he is actually benefiting from all of these other high-profile candidates getting into the race. the more widely the vote is divided, the better it is for him. he may do what harry thomas used to do when he was running and win by 30% of the vote because all the anti incumbent vote has been divide among so many candidates. >> bowser saying now that he's running he will have to answer questions, tommy wells saying he doesn't deserve a second chance because of the shadow of the 2010 campaign. >> a lot of that, i think, is campaign talk on these candidates running against mayor gray. but i think a lot -- i heard tommy wells the other day. he's pu
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
one that would require and tsa to spend all the loose change elected at airports. live house coverage when they return here on c-span. at the white house today, president obama is holding a meeting with the president of colombia. the two leaders will talk about the economy, and trade relations. the white house says the president will highlight the benefits of the 2010 law as the sign up on the insurance exchanges enters into third month. live coverage of the president's on c-span 3.:30 we hear from republican leaders after the republican conference meeting this morning. good morning, everybody. republicans continue to stay focused on the economy. the american people want us to do everything we can to strengthen the economy so there are more jobs and higher wages available. this week we will take further steps to strengthen our economy. the president's health care law continues to wreak havoc on , smalln families businesses, and our economy. it is not just a broken website. this bill was fundamentally flawed. causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their
Dec 2, 2013 2:30pm EST
election coming up. >> we're talking about medicaid -- >> medicaid is critical to turn the corner on this whole thing. >> i do not think that that went -- is what david was saying. we have seen improvements. youth you talk to the democrats, they are as frustrated as we are with how the launch of the website began. they would also say that there have been significant improvements in the functionality of the website, and that we have passed an important milestone on november the 30th. we are going to see those improvements continue over the course of december and into next year. as i think someone noted earlier, the deadlines we are looking at, we are looking at making sure that those americans who want insurance the the exchanges have it if they wanted by january 1. and also, that everybody who wants to enroll during this si x month enrollment. can do so by march 31. just to make clear that i understand them a the 375,000 number that you brought to us today, do you have any sense of what number of those people are actually able to get to the site , as opposed to had to queue? 375,0
Dec 4, 2013 10:00am EST
on the constitution by those elected and then went on to revive, restore and preserve that constitution for the many generations of americans who followed. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house noon today.til you can watch that hearing live, the veterans' affairs subcommittee, at 3:00 eastern on c-span2. at the white house today in just a few minutes, president obama is expected to be talking about the economy, reiterating his call for raising the minimum wage. he's speaking at an event at the center for american progress. we'll have that live for you once it gets under way here on c-span. >> friday on c-span -- "washington journal" looks at the mission and role of the national institutes of health starting live at 7:00 eastern with director francis collins on future projects and the impact of sequestration. at 8:00, allergy and infectious disease anthony fauci followed by director green, director of the human genome institute. at 9:00, national institutes director harold varmus and at 9:30, a look at the national institutes of mental he
Dec 5, 2013 9:00am EST
on patent reform since i was elected and took office in 2011. this is not new. we have been working on this legislation if not for several months at least several weeks where it's been up on the internet to see, for our colleagues to read. i'm tired of hearing here in congress we need more time and more time to do something. if businesses operated the way congress did, they would be out of business. finally, this is a quintessential example of us getting off our did you have and doing something in reasonable amount of time that's going to help small business owners because, as we stand here and speak, more and more are being put out of business because of trolls. i yield back. thank you. the chair: the gentleman from virginia reserves. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. conyers: madam speaker, how much time remains? the chair: the gentleman from michigan has 4 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. conyers: thank you. i am pleased now to call a senior member of the committee, our friend from north carolina, mel watt, who has worked on this assiduously for a number of years, the rema
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
of agreement on those areas, or to give only in an election year. host: turning away from the budget, the house is expected to adjourn on friday, and the senate shortly thereafter. a lot of high-profile legislation hanging in the balance. tell us about what is likely to make it to before the end of the 113th congress? that ishe only thing completely likely to get through it is a new defense authorization act. there will be a lot of interesting debates to watch on that to see what gets included. one thing we will watch is to see whether any legislation sanctioning iran is added to the bill. the administration is doing everything it can to prevent congress from doing that, but a lot of members are still interested in adding sanctions, sending signals they are not interested in the deal obama wants to sign onto. also the farm bill. negotiators are trying to reach an agreement. if they cannot get a deal, they will have to at least extend existing spending so that is something that can be done. the senate is here for an extra week. they will look at a lot of nominations, particularly after the filib
Dec 7, 2013 8:00am PST
bash on how. >> reporter: this is exactly what republicans want to avoid in the next election -- >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> reporter: that comment not only cost republican todd aiken a senate seat, it knocked all republicans off message. now, republicans are training house candidates to communicate better with women and steer clear of such gaffes. >> trying to get them to be more sensitive. >> reporter: cnn is told that gop media training sessions, first reported by politico, include tutorials on how to avoid foot-in-mouth responses when talking about sensitive topics like abortion and rape. remember this republican fate-sealing moment? >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> reporter: mitt romney lost female voters by 12%, the biggest gap in history. this sure didn't help. >> and brought us a whole binders full of women. >> reporter: part of the gop problem in congress? so few female gop lawmakers. out of 232 republican house members,
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am EST
the negotiation process. theelson mandela became first democratically elected black president of south africa, here is a clip. [video clip] men sacrificed their lives so that we could be free. our dreams have become realities. humbled and elevated by the order and privilege that you, the people of south africa, have the stowed on us. bestowed on us. we will lead our country out of the valley of darkness. we understand that there is no easy road to freedom. we know it well. can achieve success alone. we must act together as a united people for national reconciliation. for the birth of a new world. let there be justice for all. let there be peace for all. let there be bread and water for all. for each, the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to tooth -- to for fill themselves -- to fulfill themselves. never, shall it be, that this land will again experience the oppression of one by another. [applause] and suffer the indignity of being the -- of the world. -- on so glorious a human achievement. let freedom ring. from may of 1994, that speech. all of our coverage of nelson mandela is avai
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